Friday, July 3, 2009

A Mess-y Meal

The origin of the word mess, comes from Old French, mes, meaning portion of food.  The mess onboard the Thompson doesn’t just serve a portion of food.  It serves many.  The steward (Sherry), 2nd cook (Sarah) and Mess Assistant (Michael) manage to feed the scientists and the crew high quality, nutrious food three times a day.   And they still have time to make chocolate cake with maple-walnut frosting!

It’s much appreciated to be able to get off from sampling or doing a Jason watch and have several salads, soup, a main course (including very thoughtful vegetarian options), and dessert ready and waiting for you.   There are even sandwiches, cereal and chocolate for those who sleep through a meal, or just want to snack.

So, the entire ship would like to thank Sherry, Sarah, and Michael for making their days that much easier.

Sherry and Sarah fight over a wishbone.  Are they wishing they could make peanut butter cookies forever?
Michael and Sherry are all smiles mopping up the kitchen.
Sarah posing for the camera in front of her grill.